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Sweet merciful crap, I have not had such a bad night with Rose since she was an infant, and possibly not even then. She woke up screaming every 20 minutes to every hour. No idea what was wrong - she was clearly tired and would go right back to sleep, and when she eventually woke up in the morning she was cheerful enough. I got maybe a few hours of very interrupted sleep. And of course this WOULD happen the night before I've committed to taking on some work from home despite being sick. When I finally slogged through that and collapsed into a 3h nap, I ended up dreaming about fighting with people at work over stupid procedural BS and woke up with a worse headache than I fell asleep with.


Night terrors.
Like nightmares but, rather than being scary dreams, they're just... fear. That happens when you're alseep.
Or so I gather. :-\

Not particularly useful as information, I know. :-\

I hope you get a better sleep tonight. <3 :-)
I don't think it was night terrors - too easily soothed and too frequent, I think, based on the descriptions I've heard. Maybe she was sore from running around earlier in the day? Maybe she had gas? God only knows...