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Mental health day today. So wtf am I going to do with myself such that I don't end up feeling like I've wasted it? Need to stick around the house while insulation guys are doing their thing, otherwise I would go do some soldering. But everything I've been saying I need to get done around the house is so workaday dreary that the prospect of spending a day off on it is just depressing, even though I would probably feel pleasantly accomplished at the end of it.

Tea with amazon_syren this afternoon will be a good start, anyway. ♥ ♥

Maybe I will put on some loud music and clean until the downstairs is fit for tea company, and then knit or something.


I think this is an excellent plan. :-)

See you at 1pm. :-D
That sounds like a good plan! I'd go for a second day if I were you. One to rest one for catching up.