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quit work make crafts

15 April 1980
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She is sighing with September
She would like to run and hide
She is wrapped up in confusion
She unfolds like paper dolls
But she's flying as she falls

Alas, I can't actually quit work to make crafts. I do cram as many projects as I can into my spare time, though! Stained glass is currently the most consuming of these, but I have also dabbled in gardening, pottery, playing in a flute choir, writing, and various forms of volunteering with power tools – although not all at the same time. Usually.

I'm a mild-mannered public servant by day, having toyed with careers in academe and carpentry. I live with my husband, who aspires to absent-minded-professordom, my daughters, born in January 2009 and July 2011, and four cats.